Future is a theater play which at the same time is a rock band concert and an essay about art.

New York. Year 1999. THE FICTION is thearty band of the moment. During the whole year they will record their second album: FUTURE. The members of the band, Rita, Liz, Lorraine and Peggy, ask themselves: “is it possible to create something completely new?”, “Or has all type of art become a quotation, collage, pastiche?”, “What does making art in the XXI century mean?”


This band, THE FICTION, just cannot be classified. Its songs can either be campy or very sophisticated resulting in a complex and powerful sound.From Schwarzenegger to Sylvia Plath and fromThe Simpsons to Bruno Schulz, Bollywood movies, music from Anime,Arab scales and Latin-American sounds form part of this great postmodern opera which is The Fiction. The pastiche, the mixing of styles, the ironic dissolution of solemnity and certainty entirely, the incorporation of icons of the culture of the masses together with elements of the so called elevated culture, the presence of the metafictional: FUTURE intends none other than to found the new.