In the middle of the fields, and in the middle of the night, a woman starts killing men. But this killer woman is not just that, she is also an avenger. And she is also a tiger woman.

There is a myth about the tiger man: he who dances on the hide of the animal will become the animal. There are also other stories, stories that are not myths. Stories about animals and men. Stories about men that are animals. The Beast intends tocreate a mythical territory. The story of a tiger woman is just that, a legend. In the Guaraní language, “yaguareté” means “the real beast”.


The saddest pages in history are filled with accidental heroines: teachers, housewives, ordinary women with none or little relation to any kind of militancy, who become heroines due to family misfortunes. Using mechanisms found in the creation of comics or cinema, the protagonist of The beast is at the same time a heroin and an everyday woman.