Political contemporary art, a performing conference, a dissected play, contemporary dance with vaporwave music, a story about a man writing a letter, a theoreticalessay with three clowns on scene, a provocative and banal experiment, a Spiritism session, a Beckettian ghost, a play of reports and complaints in a country where 13 million inhabitants are poor, a vanguard homage to a vanguard writer.


Writing is inventing new ways of reading. A writer is in constant dialogue with other writers, other writings. Borges, Benjamin, Duchamp, Brecht, Piglia, Heiner Müller. And Walsh. A writer writes by reading. A writer asks himself: Should fiction have a social meaning? Can fiction have a social meaning? Is writing a play with the intention of changing the world naive? Is art good for nothing? What is the relation between work of art and politics? The answer found in Walsh is that fiction cannot be used fordoing politics.

In order to do politics, Walsh invented a new genre:the non-fiction. This way, Walsh combinedpolitical vanguard with esthetic vanguard. How is Walsh reread in 2017? How is political art done post Walsh?